The medicine service at Schomberg Veterinary Services starts with the experience and continuing education of its primary veterinarian, Dr. Wigglesworth.  His keen interest in metabolic and endocrine diseases means that he is always vigilant for troubles when taking your pets’ history and when examining your pet.

Our office boasts many diagnostic capabilities, including, but not limited to in-house blood work, urinalysis and radiography.

For supportive care, we employ many defined protocols for the delivery of intravenous fluids and medications, and we employ syringe-pumps for administering antibiotic infusions and constant-rate-infusions (CRI) of pain control medications.  Our RVTs are experts at providing continued care for your pet while in hospital.

You can feel confident that your pet is receiving the latest in supportive care during its stay at Schomberg Veterinary Services.

We occasionally find it necessary to refer pets to one of the local Referral Hospitals if we feel it requires greater inputs than a day-facility such as ours can provide.  Specific examples for reasons for referral include the need for an ultrasound by a board-certified specialist, the requirement of an MRI, or round-the-clock intensive care.  Hospitals we regularly refer to include the 404 Hospital in Newmarket, MOVEH in Mississauga, VEC-South in Toronto and The OVC in Guelph.